Chess Problem Server - gigantic collection of puzzles and their solutions

Loiodice's Chess Collection
- large collection of problems where you may test your tactical ability

Best of The Rest

132 Studies and Problems - a large collection of problems composed by J.T. Sanderse

Archive of chess problems
- in French

Archives des problémistes
- In French.

Beautiful Chess Studies
- currently around 16 problems

Chess Composition
- fairychess, endgame, and other compositions

Chess Composition Books
- electronic editions of public domain chess composition works.

Chess Online Problems
- A multitude of Problems.

ChessPlanet Problemschach

Chess Problem Archives
- a site specializing in chess problems including original and archived material. Mostly in French

Chess Problems From Around The World

Chess problems of 1001 years ago
- from the Chess variant pages

Chess Problem Page

Chess Problem Server
- A selection of practical problems..

Chess Problems Unlimited
- endgame, mating, and combination problems

Chesspro's Chess World
- by Ramon Merel, a correspondence chess master

Chess Tactics Center
- a place to test and sharpen your tactical chess skill


Classic Chess Problems
- a modest collection

Combinations in the Chess Game
- regularly updated with new combination tactics tests from actual chess games

Don French's Chess Problem Page
- includes a number of his own compositions

Endgame Of The Day
- here you can view a new endgame daily or have it sent to you via email

Exeter Chess Club: Studies and problems

Fun Chess Positions
- positions from a book published by John Coffey

Glanz auf 64 Feldern
- mostly German

GorFo Chess Problems

Harmonie's home page
- a chess problem magazine published by Frank Richter

Les échecs
- Studies, problems and games online using javascript.  Pages are in French.

Library Catalogue of the British Chess Problem Society
- looks to be a large collection to download

Juraj Lörinc's Chess Composition Microweb
- contains problems (mainly fairy chess), tournament announcements, awards, and discussion on various topics

Key Moves
- nice site where you can test your tactical eye

Manolis Stratakis Chess Problems Page

Mario Velucchi's Personal Interests

Mat Plus - The Best of Chess Problems
- terrific site with a large number of chess problems and problem contests

Peter Schaefer's Problem Chess Page
- a German page including fairy chess problems, retroanalysis, articles, and links

- a program to solve fairy chess problems

Practical Chess Ending + Computer Analysis
- A new ending to solve each week. Computer analysis also considered.

- Webzine devoted to chess problems.  The site is in both English and French.

- Chess Problem software.

Problem Chess in Upper Austria
(Problemkunst in Oberösterreich) - Chess problems and biographies of 4 upper austrian chess problem artists.  The page is mostly in German with some english annotations.

-   allows one to set up a position and play backwards from it, checks for common illegalities to rule out many illegal moves.  Useful in retrogade analysis.

Stockholm Chess Association
- has an Internet Problem-Solving Tournament

Solving Contest for Mathematical Chess Problems 1993
- a number of helpmate problems

Stanislav Vokal's Chess Compositions
- huge collection

Torsten Linß' problem chess page

Unknown Programmers Chess Page
- a small collection of interesting chess problems

Vincent's Chess Problems Page
- over 100 problems

Vito Rallo's Home Page
- in Italian and English

Bruno's Chess Problem of the Day -  In English and French .A different problem everyday! Levels of difficulties are available ranging from very easy (checkmate in 1) to very difficult (checkmate in 6 or more). Solution to the problem is made available the next day. Archives of problems over the last 10 days can be consulted.