Across the Board Series 1

BBC Radio 4 - Dominic Lawson conducts a series of interviews over a game of chess.

John Healy – Series 1 Episode 1 of 5

In this episode he talks to the writer and former homeless alcoholic John Healy. How did chess help Healy give up the booze? And why does he believe that the world of chess is harsher than life on street. [Listen in pop-out player]

Rachel Reeves – Series 1 Episode 2 of 5

In this episode he interviews shadow cabinet minister and former junior chess champion Rachel Reeves. She has just become a mother. But she explains why she would never allow her daughter to beat her at the game. [Listen in pop-out player]

Lennox Lewis – Series 1 Episode 3 of 5

In this episode he plays the greatest ever British born boxer and former heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis. Lewis believes that chess and boxing have much in common – and that his love of chess has helped him both in and outside the ring. [Listen in pop-out player]

Hou Yifan – Series 1 Episode 4 of 5

In this episode he interviews the women’s world champion, Hou Yifan. Still only 19, she’s one of only a handful of women to have become an elite grandmaster. And she comes from a country with no strong link to chess, China. [Listen in pop-out player]

Natan Sharansky – Series 1 Episode 5 of 5

In this episode he plays the former Soviet dissident and Israeli politician Natan Sharansky. [Listen in pop-out player]

All episodes available to listen to on BBC iPlayer Radio

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