American Chess Magazine Issue 5: Man of Steel Magnus Carlsen

American Chess Magazine Issue 5
Man of Steel

Resilient and undisputed world champion Magnus is still the most powerful player in the world
It’s all in the 156 pages of American Chess Magazine 05. The American Chess Magazine 05 brings you 156 colorful pages, packed with amazing chess material, ranging from world class play to local and state news and games. Instructive and entertaining games from recent events are presented with outstanding annotations, while special attention is given to overviews of latest trends in the openings, and explanations of practical endgame techniques.

  • Exclusive interview with Lev Alburt, US Chess Legend
  • World Cup – How Aronian was first across the line by David Smerdon
  • Opening Lab – Get to know the London System by Dennis Monokroussos
  • Isle of Man Masters – California sun over a foggy British island by Michael Brown


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