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Chess Fever by Mark Ozanne
‘A poignant tale of chess obsession and love. An absolute must-read’
– IM Jovanka Houska, Nine-times British Women’s Chess Champion

Sam Renshawe is giving up everything to follow his chess dream. It’s 1990 and he’s in Yugoslavia for the Chess Olympiad where he is playing the most important game of his career. However, events on the board cause him to reconsider his life, especially the recent split from his girlfriend caused by his chess addiction. How much is he willing to sacrifice to achieve his goals? In lucid prose, ‘Chess Fever’ is a fresh, surprising, funny and moving novel that celebrates chess, but also literature, love and life.

About the Author
Mark Ozanne is a graduate of Exeter University and has written previously on the relationship between board games and literature. He has spent many years working as a political and security analyst for companies operating in the Middle East. He lives in Paris where he spends most of his free time in his local chess club.

ISBN: 9781911546757, Paperback, 167 pages, Conrad Press

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