Chess Informant 127 – Golden (Informator) (BOOK + CD)

Chess Informant 127 – Golden (Informator) (BOOK + CD)

50 years of Chess Informant

GM Sergey Rublevsky – Scotch Game 4…Bb4: You can‘t easily beat a centuries-old opening

GM Pentala Harikrishna – What’s the biggest surprise a super-tactician can spring on an opponent?

GM Mihail Marin – Why some players are first among equals

GM Aleksandar Colovic – The Zurich experiment: Hikaru Nakamura meets the challenge

GM Ivan Sokolov – Top seeds in Qatar and Gibraltar: where chess royalty meets mere mortals

GM dragan solak – You are told to protect your king at all times. but is it time for a rethink?

GM emanuel berg – Is the queen really a bad blockader in the Winawer French?

GM Karsten Mueller – London Classic: The Berlin and other endgames…

World Cup revisited: GM S. P. Sethuraman and GM Bassem Amin

CI Labs:

English Opening A22 by GM Aleksander Delchev

Scandinavian Defence B01 by GM Spyridon Kapnisis

Ruy Lopez Marshall Attack C89 by GM Milos Pavlovic

Gruenfeld Defence D97 by GM Aleksander Mista

Games, Combinations, Endings, Studies, Tournaments…

CD for ChessBase or any PGN reader

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