Chess Magazine

CHESS Magazine – May 2015

CHESS Magazine – May 2015
Mariya Muzychuk is crowned Women’s World Champion

Magazine, 60 pages

UK’s most popular CHESS Magazine – established 1935! All the regular features of the UK’s best-selling CHESS magazine plus more! In this issue:

  • Najer the Champ – Yochanan Afek was on hand at the European Championship
  • Cambridge Does the Double – Junior Tay on a lively Universities’ Championship in Birmingham
  • Brits on Tour – Matthew Lunn was but one who descended on Reykjavik
  • Back to Basics – Nick Ivell returns to the important Vancura position
  • Crazy Conq – Conquest-Cobb was just one of the highlights of the March 4NCL
  • The Myth of Carlsen – Erik Kislik takes a good look at the world champion’s preparation
  • Studies with Stephenson – A report on the Winton Capital British Chess Solving Championshio
  • The Family Background of Cecil de Vere – John Townsend discusses the results of his research

Plus all the regular features such as: How Good is Your Chess?, Saunders on Chess, Find the Winning Moves, Never Mind the Grandmasters, Studies, Home & Overseas News, Calendar and Book Reviews.


To open these files you’ll need a PGN reader or Chess software such as HIARCS Chess Explorer, Fritz, Houdini or Chessbase.

Click here to download a free PDF preview of this issue

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