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CHESS Magazine – October 2017: Garry Kasparov, Chairman of the Board

CHESS Magazine – October 2017
Garry Kasparov: Chairman of the Board

Magazine, 60 pages

UK’s most popular CHESS Magazine – established 1935! All the regular features of the UK’s best-selling CHESS magazine plus more! In this issue:

  • In the Shadow of a Legend – Garry Kasparov had to play second fiddle to Aronian in St. Louis
  • Continuing the Success – Sarah Hegarty reports on a dramatic finish to the UK Chess Challenge
  • Llandudno Eye-Catchers – John Emms annotates his prize-winning best game from the British
  • Everyone’s a Winner! – Robert Page enjoys a weekend congress on the Kent coast
  • Opening Trends – The Sicilian Kan is trendy thanks to Caruana and Artemiev
  • The Neos’ European Vacation – Junior Tay’s pupils took in plenty of chess while in England & France
  • Successful Simuls – Stephen Greep reports from Hull, the UK City of Culture
  • You Can Win Something with Kids – Alan Burke explains all about the ever-successful 3Cs
  • World Cup Wizardry – Further tactics training for the new season courtesy of Tbilisi
  • Steel Success – The Darnall & Handsworth Rapidplay was enjoyed by Chris Ross

Plus all the regular features such as: How Good is Your Chess?, Saunders on Chess, Find the Winning Moves, Never Mind the Grandmasters, Studies, Home & Overseas News, Calendar and Book Reviews.


To open these files you’ll need a PGN reader or Chess software such as HIARCS Chess Explorer, Fritz, Houdini or Chessbase.
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