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ChessBoxing: UKIP vs LIB DEM A Knock-Out Euro-clash.

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Headline Bout: UKIP vs LIB DEM A Knock-Out Euro-clash.

Chessboxing is a wild mix-up of two of mankind’s oldest sporting obsessions. Opponents slug it out on the chessboard and in the ring in alternating rounds of chess and boxing until there is a winner by checkmate or KO, whichever comes first.

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This show features a headline bout with political clout as UKIP MEP Jonathan Arnott faces Lib Dem activist Toby White. Arnott is a strong club level chess player taking his first steps in boxing during his time away from monitoring Brexit negotiations in Brussels. His opponent Toby “Slowby” White, a veteran of two previous Chessboxing bouts is looking for payback after campaigning unsuccessfully for the Remain campaign last Summer.

On the undercard we have some stellar characters of the international chessboxing scene including Lars “Lazarus” Bjorknas and Ville “Jukola” Makinen from Finland plus a return to the ring for Cameron “The Hurt Locker” Little, the 6ft 7inch London favourite, aiming to come back from his recent defeat in December. Also featuring will be newcomer Guy Cohen, a wily boxer and former junior chess player making his York Hall debut.

The unforgettable experience of chessboxing:

The show includes LIVE cabaret performance, DJs and dancing. London Chessboxing has established a loyal cult following over the last six years winning rave reviews from all corners of the media for its totally bonkers mash-up of brains, brawn and pure entertainment.

Tickets are on sale in our ticketshop.

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