Crucial Chess Skills for the Club Player Volume 1

Crucial Chess Skills for the Club Player Volume 1 by Robert Ris

Crucial Chess Skills for the Club Player is split into three parts: Endgame, Tactical Play and Middlegame Strategy.

The endgame part of the book mostly concentrates on rook endgames. Every player needs to possess the knowledge of some elementary positions. This essential knowledge not only enriches your understanding of the game, but also gives confidence playing endgames in general.

In the subsequent chapters attention will be paid to more practical examples with an extra passed pawn and the importance of the pawn structures. A recurring theme in endgames is the transition into a pawn ending.

In the section on Middlegame Strategy the aim is to make the reader more conscious about some positional aspects of the game.

The final chapter presents the reader with examples from the authors own practice. It should be both fun and instructive to empathize with someone’s else thinking process.

ISBN: 9789492510228 , Paperback, 255 pages, Thinkers Publishing

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