Improve Your Tactics with Tania Sachdev

My first DVD focused on various strategic middlegame themes and concepts, but in this second installment, the focus is on tactics – for after all, strategy and tactics go hand in hand, and pla ying strategically often leads to a resounding combinative finish. But for that to happen, you have to be able to build up positions through which tactics can flow – and this is exactly what I have illustrated on the DVD with a number of examples.

The aim of this course is to help you understand how you to make tactical opportunities arise as w ell as to sharpen your tactical vision – these selected lectures will help to foster your overall tactical understanding. You can never spend too little time solving combinations and studies to improve your calculating abilities!

  • Video running time: 4 hours (English)
  • with interactive training including video feedback
  • Including CB 12 Reader

About the Author
Tania Sachdev achieved her first international title already when she was just eight years old and after that won multiple events like U12 Indian championship, Asian U14 Junior Championship and Senior Championship. In 2005 Sachdev became the eighth Indian Women Grandmaster. She won the national Indian Women Championship in 2006 and 2007 and the Asian Chess Championship 2008.

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