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KASPAROV Grandmaster Silver & Bronze Chess Set

KASPAROV Grandmaster Silver & Bronze Chess Set

Garry Kasparov was undisputed world chess champion and #1 ranked player for over eighteen years. Kasparov was intimately involved in the design of these chess sets, to ensure a great chess experience for those who play with it. Redesigned and rethought chessmen allows a fresh new look and providing a premium finish without the premium price tag.
Kasparov-style design uses size to reflect the true value of the pieces in play

  • Each Kasparov set comes with a large booklet providing clear, detailed instructions from the basic setup and playing methods
  • Silver and brozne effect playing pieces
  • High quality, solid wood chessboard
  • Help new players fall in love with the game

Board size = 51cm x 51cm
King Height = 4.5″


Product Code: MAGK803
EAN: 489704930 0323

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