Mackenzie, Mason & Co. Part IV: 1870 – Joost van Winsen

Mackenzie, Mason & Co. Part IV: 1870 by Joost van Winsen
Chess in New York between 1866 and 1880

Paperback, 173 pages

Which match opened the season of the New York Chess Club in 1869? Who won the first two tournaments of the re-established Brooklyn Chess Club? How many tournaments were held in the Cafe Europa, and which promising young player was a prize winner in all of them?

Mackenzie, Mason & Co. offers the answers to these questions, and to many more. Author Joost van Winsen delves deep into the history of New York chess in 1869. This book, with 160 games, features not only the story of the leading masters of the metropolis, but also of neglected players. Illustrated with scarce photographs and many diagrams, the work concludes with eight indices.

Mackenzie, Mason & Co. is a series of books on New York chess in the period 1866 to 1880. This book is the fourth volume of the series. Part I (1866-1867) was published in 2012, part II (1868) in 2013, and part III (1869) in 2014.

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