MILLENNIUM ChessGenius Chess Computer

MILLENNIUM ChessGenius Chess Computer
The chess computer for tournament and club players!

The MILLENNIUM ChessGenius utilises the ten time world computer champion, Chess Genius, created by Richard Lang. Unlike, other chess computers on the market the Millennium Chess Genius plays to a strong club playing standard (approximately 175 ECF /2000 Elo). A lot of other chess computers claim to be suitable for all standards of player but in actual fact are not suitable for anything beyond a social playing standard (approximately 100 ECF /1400 Elo)

An incredibly user-friendly computer which utilises a press sensory board. Simply press down on the piece which you want to move and press again with the piece on the destination square. The computer’s response is displayed on the LCD.

Playing levels and playing difficulty:

  • Virtually unlimited number of levels of difficulty can be set
  • Average time per move configurable
  • Max overall duration of game configurable
  • Also includes tournament levels suitable for skilled players
  • Countless levels especially for beginners
  • Shows suggested moves
  • Shows second best, third best, fourth best etc chess moves

Specially for chess experts

  • Over 20,000 opening positions
  • Versatile analysis mode (text display and chessboard display)
  • Shows ratings of positions and main variants
  • Enter any chess positions

Specially for novices

  • Chess trainer: Warns about bad moves, offers to retract them and makes suggestions for improvement, so as to ensure the very best moves
  • Help function: Shows all permitted moves
  • Unlimited number of move undos and simulated moves

Features and convenience of use

  • Convenient menu system makes it easy to make system settings
  • Large backlit display that shows the entire chess board, plus help texts and menu system texts
  • Extra-large chess board, 20 x 20cm playing area
  • Multilingual user prompts
  • Different match modes: Player against computer, player against player etc
  • Energy saving mode ensures long playing time, even when running on battery power
  • Mains power connector (sold separately)

Technical data
Processor: ARM Cortex M4/48 MHz
Chessboard: Pressure sensor board, magnetic 
Display: Backlit chessboard display 
Menu operation: 7 languages, text-based
Languages: DE / GB / FR / NL / ES / IT / RU
Power supply: 3 x AA alkaline batteries (included) Mains power connector (power pack sold separately) 
Dimensions: approx 30 x 27.6 x 3 cm
Chess board dimensions: 20 x 20cm



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