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Parker Burnt Chess Set Combination

Parker Burnt Chess Combination (Parker Chess Set, LCC Lux 50mm, Large Box)
This unique chess set is specially made using the ancient technique of burning wood to achieve a wonderful colour and finish. The boxwood is burnt and juxtaposed in a coordinated way to produce a lovely designed chess set. The Parker Burnt Chess Set is complimented by our London Chess Centre Luxury walnut and sycamore board which is moulded into a deluxe black base. The combination is completed with our standard large burlwood box which can store the pieces safely.


  • Parker Burnt Boxwood Chess Set 3.75″ King Height
  • London Chess Centre Luxury Walnut & Sycamore Moulded Board with 50mm squares
  • Standard Large Burlwood Box

Board dimensions: 55.5cm x 55.5cm

Both the playing face of the chessboard and the reverse are manufactured with high quality veneers and a special finish

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