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Princess Catherine Limited Edition Chess set

Princess Catherine Limited Edition Chess set
A tribute to the Duchess of Cambridge and to celebrate her elegance and dignity. Princess Catherine (Duchess of Cambridge) Limited Edition Chess Set, with due permission from the Cabinet on 4th July 2013.

An Original design created and commissioned by sculptor Avtarjeet Dhanjal. This design is protected under international copyright law

“To create something special, one must produce it with a lot of care and in a limited quantity” – A Dhanjal

Catherine, also spelled Katherine, has been a favourite name among royal families of Europe, Princess Katherine of Greece and Denmark and Princess Katherine of Serbia are two examples. Current Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge was born as Catherine Elizabeth Middleton and in 2011 married Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, who is second in line to succeed his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II. Catherine was raised in a liberal household and had not experienced the rigid regime of a royal household; as a result, she exudes the free spirit of a young British woman.Naming the Chess set In 1997, William’s mother, Diana, Princess of Wales, died in a road accident in Paris whilst being chased by paparazzi. This incident has influenced the Duke’s attitude towards intrusive media attention.

Both the Duchess and her husband have been clear, their privacy should be respected, when off-duty. I thought of creating a chess-set that exuded the delicacy and dignity of the Duchess as a tribute. Respecting the couple’s privacy, and knowing the sensitivity attached to the use of the name of members of the royal household, I applied for permission for the use of the name to the Cabinet Office that deals with such matters. I was very pleased when permission granted to use of the name in the above format, in an email from the on Thu, 4 Jul 2013 15:39:00.

Makings of the Set Historically, craftsmen used ivory to create quality pieces of crafts; respecting the global ban on the use or trade in ivory, next best organic materials are animal bone and horn, which is basically a form or ivory. The best quality animal bone and horn were sourced internationally for these sets. I also located a traditional family where most male members still work in bone and have done so for last many generations deep in the forests of Central India. This edition of sets will be limited to 100 only + 5 sets for the makers’ personal collection and for museums. Only 100 sets will be released onto the market over 4 years, no more 25 set in one year.

Throughout history, since chess pieces were created as a game, their shape has gone through continual changes, influenced by periods in history and the local tastes of the culture involved, like any other art form. The chessmen were essentially the product of local folk arts before the game was invented in India the Gupta period. Once the idea of the game was introduced it was a used by the Guptas to practice war strategy in preparation for battles. During the Gupta period in which the game was invented, The game spread gradually throughout the world in association with trading activities. Gareth Williams in his beautiful book ‘Master Pieces’ identifies on page 9 that “Individual artists, carver, and sculptors often chose to commemorate great historical events through their crafts. Many fine figural chess sets were sculpted by master craftsmen and talented artists.”

My father was a master carpenter in our village in India; He taught me wood carving before I studied sculpture at the Art School in Chandigarh. My very first wood carving was bought by the Chandigarh Museum and since then I have worked internationally as a sculptor for over 40 years. My interest in developing a limited-edition chess set evolved from a meeting with Carmelo Miceli of The Official Staunton Chess Company who has an eye for good chess pieces. At our first meeting, I introduced the idea of a limited edition set with the aim of raising the quality of both the chess pieces and the craftsmanship.

I think a good chess-set should have an individual style and reflect a dignity and mood that enhances the pleasure of those playing the game. When I looked at the chess-sets sold in the market, it seemed that most of those who are in the business of producing or trading these chess-sets obviously had no artistic training, but these pieces are mass produced with slight variations..

So it set about designing my own chess-men in line with the objectives above and had them produced in limited editions of 100 sets each. I have individually numbered each set and have signed a certificate of authenticity. It is my sincere wish that discerning chess players and collectors will enjoy using them and treasure them as valued assets.

This beautiful Chess Set features a 4.33 Inch King and presented in a luxuriously made fitted leather coffer.
Certificates of Authenticity included.
This set is supplied directly from the manufacturer – next day shipping is not available for this item.

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