Lacquered Chess Combination

Lacquered Chess Combination (Lacquered Chess Set, Sup A 50mm, Medium Box)
This striking chess set sticks to traditional black and white colours of chess making a real statement. This combination includes a classic staunton style 3.75″ king height chess made from boxwood. The pieces are lacquered black and white to a high gloss finish. These are set on high quality black Anegre and white Erable superior board with 50mm squares. The combination is completed with our standard medium burlwood box which can store the pieces safely.


  • Lacquered Chess Pieces 3.75″ King Height
  • Superior A Chess Board with 50mm Squares
  • Standard Wooden Chess Box – Medium

Board dimensions: 50cm x 50cm

Both the playing face of the chessboard and the reverse are manufactured with high quality veneers and a special finish

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