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Power Play 27: The King's Gambit by Daniel King (PC-DVD)

Power Play 27: The King’s Gambit by Daniel King (PC-DVD)Glorious sacrifices, unexpected tactics and checkmating attacks. The King’s Gambit is one of the oldest and most romantic openings in the game of chess. White sacrifices a pawn to build a strong centre and to open lines for an immediate attack

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CHESS Magazine - October 2019: King Ding
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CHESS Magazine – October 2019All hail to King Ding – Ding Liren defeats Magnus Carlsen in Blitz tie-breakerMagazine, 60 pages All the regular features of the UK’s best-selling CHESS magazine and more! Regular features include: How Good is Your Chess? by GM Daniel King, Saunders on Chess, Find the Winning Moves, Never Mind the Grandmasters…, Studies, Home

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