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The Match of the Century: USSR vs. World - Petrosian & Matanovic

The Match of the Century: USSR vs. World by Tigran Petrosian & Aleksandar MatanovicChess Informant proudly presents the book about the most famous team match in history of our royal game: 2 outstanding teams 20 best chess-players in the World 4 rounds of epic battle 40 thrilling, hard-fought games The match

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Closing Gambit (2018) Official Trailer
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Closing Gambit – A Major new feature documentary premiering at Cannes in 2018. Anatoly Karpov – World Champion. A loyal member of the Communist Party and a personal friend of the Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev, is the epitome of the younger Soviet ‘New Man’. Viktor Korchnoi – A survivor from

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