Visual-Tek 300 Advanced Chess Clock

Visual-Tek 300 Advanced Chess Clock
VTek300 Chess Clock – Revolutionary new design!

Finally, an advanced chess clock that’s easy to use. Raising the bar, taking the chess world to the next level.

A clock with easy to use features chess p[layers and officials want

  • Large, crisp LCD display for easy reading of digits and text
  • A new standard in functionality and simplicity of use
  • Easy to navigate library of predefined time controls, categorised by game type of tournament
  • Effortless access to a list of favourite or recently played time controls
  • Supports USCF and FIDE standards

A clock that raises the bar in delivering capabilities previously not available

  • Protects game integrity by allowing confirmation of proper time control settings prior to start and anytime during the game
  • Records and logs any time modifications during the match to protect game integrity
  • Shows play status through a multi-colour LED indicator
  • Stores last game clock status to assist with dispute resolution

A clock that is durable and convenient

  • Customer friendly technical support, ready to help
  • Long battery life, using standard AA batteries
  • Rugged construction with a strong aluminium case
  • Made in the USA

Before you buy the clock you should view this video to see how to use this clock and it’s features:

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